What is PLAR?

PLAR (Prior Learning Assessment Resource) is a program that allows adults returning to school to earn OSSD credits by writing assessments. Credits may also attain credits for learning completed outside of school.


Most often PLAR students continue on to complete their remaining credits in our daytime class program.


Who is PLAR eligible?

Students over 18, who have been off of a day-school register for 10 consecutive months, are PLAR eligible.


How does PLAR work?

Learners may obtain credits through two processes:  (1)  Junior PLAR and/or (2)  Senior PLAR.

Up to 26 credits can be earned through PLAR; however, learners must take the final 4 senior credits to obtain their O.S.S.D.

What is Junior PLAR and how does it work?

  • Students who require grade 9 and 10 credits can write a series of assessments and, if successful, can earn a maximum of 16 credits.
  • There are 4 assessments that a student can write:  English, math, science, and geography/history.  Students may earn up to 4 credits for each assessment written, though they may not be required to write all 4 assessments.
  • The LBS (Learning Basic Skills) program is available to aid a student in preparing for the PLAR assessments, should learners require this support.  

What is Senior PLAR and how does it work?

Once a student has completed Junior PLAR, they can earn up to 10 more credits through the Senior PLAR process.

Learners must complete an application that will assess prior learning. This refers to learning that has occurred outside of the classroom, including work and volunteer experience, as well as other skill development experience.

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