Transition Dates - Virtual High School

Virtual High School Transition

To all parents/guardians of PACE students and students under 21:

  • Students may request a transition between Virtual High School (VHS) and PACE (the home school) 12 days prior to the end of each Semester. You will have until the 2nd day of the new Semester in which to make this transition. There will be no additions to VHS after this date.
  • Students will register for a change of schools through PACE Guidance Department. Please call the school at 705-745-9833..
  • Please note that students registered in VHS are expected to be online with their teacher for 225 minutes synchronously each weekday.

Parents/students requesting a transfer to KPRVHS should be aware that;

  • Students will no longer have a timetable at their home school and course availability may change if the student chooses to return later in the school year.  The student will be registered with the VHS and no longer registered at their home school. 
  • KPRVHS does not offer all the course that a regular high school offers so it may not be possible to match courses. 
  • KPRVHS is not able to offer specialized programs such International Baccalaureate (IB), Skilled Trades related courses. 
  • Students are required to participate in a minimum of 225 minutes of daily scheduled synchronous learning between the hours of 8:30 am and 2:30 pm. 

Please contact PACE if you have further questions. 

School Information

School Information

What is PACE?

PACE, or Peterborough Alternative and Continuing Education, is a high school within the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board. Our goal is to help students graduate high school and achieve a successful transition to college or work.

Who is eligible?

Anyone 16 years of age or older and living in the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board boundaries is eligible to attend PACE. Its broad and flexible programming is ideal for anyone who

·         is ready to finish high school;

·         has work or family commitments that would make attending regular school difficult;

·         needs a quick upgrade for college, apprenticeship or work;

·         is a young mom;

·         has been previously unsuccessful in a traditional school setting;

·         prefers to work at an individualized pace; and

·         is over sixteen years of age.

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COVID Information

COVID Information

Please see Important COVID Information:

KPR Return to School Plan 2022-2023


PPH - Student With Symptoms Guidelines



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2022-09-20 18:59:29

KPR’s Annual Parent Conference

KPR’s Annual Parent Conference is returning this fall as a hybrid event, where you can choose to attend in-person or online! This year’s ...

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2022-09-29 19:19:01

Update for Families: September 29, 2022

Dear KPR Families, With cooler temperatures starting to set in, I am looking forward to the many new beginnings and fun learning ...

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2022-10-13 12:53:47

October Passport to Reconciliation at KPR

The learning focus for the month of October is Indigenous Film. To access weekly activities, reflection questions and resources to support ...

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2022-10-14 18:43:13

Update for Families: October 14, 2022

Dear KPR Families, I’ve had the wonderful privilege of visiting many schools and classrooms over the past month. Witnessing, first-hand, ...

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2022-10-28 18:26:20

Update for Families: October 28, 2022

Dear KPR Families, As the days get shorter, and schedules get busier, I want to take a minute to recognize a situation that may be a source ...

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2022-10-31 20:25:36

Labour Negotiations Update: October 31, 2022

Hello everyone, Further to our CUPE Labour Negotiation Update on Friday, please find below the latest information on this issue: Yesterday, ...

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2022-11-01 12:29:20

November Passport to Reconciliation

The learning focus for the month of November is Treaties. To access weekly activities, reflection questions and resources to support your ...

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2022-11-02 19:31:54

Labour Negotiations Update: November 2, 2022

Dear KPR families, Please see below for the latest information on the provincial labour situation. The Canadian Union of Public Employees ...

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2022-11-03 21:16:31

Schools Closed to Students Friday, Nov. 4

KPR SCHOOLS CLOSED TO IN-PERSON LEARNING FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 2022 Dear KPR families, We have been monitoring the provincial labour ...

...



2022-11-04 19:24:39

KPR Schools to Remain Closed on Monday, Nov. 7

SCHOOLS TO REMAIN CLOSED FOR DURATION OF CUPE FULL WITHDRAWAL OF SERVICE Dear KPR Families, Further to our note yesterday, and to support ...

...



2022-11-07 18:54:30

KPR Schools to Re-open Tuesday, November 8

KPR Schools to Re-open Tuesday, November 8 Dear KPR Families, We appreciate that the last few days have been extremely challenging for ...

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2022-11-10 20:20:34

Update for Families: November 10, 2022

Dear KPR Families, I want to begin my message this week from a place of gratitude. During Veterans’ Week, and on November 11, KPR students ...

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2022-11-16 20:10:19

CUPE Negotiations Update

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 CUPE Negotiations Update Dear KPR Families, As the provincial negotiations process continues, these remain ...

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2022-11-18 20:04:47

Schools May be Closed to In-Person Learning Monday

KPR SCHOOLS MAY BE CLOSED TO IN-PERSON LEARNING MONDAY Dear KPR families, Further to our message earlier this week, and to support ongoing ...

...



2022-11-25 20:53:58

Updates for Families: November 25, 2022

Dear KPR families, It’s been an incredibly difficult week for our KPR community and our thoughts remain with the Thomas A. Stewart ...

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