ESL Adult Non-credit

The adult non-credit language training program is a provincially funded program through the ministry of Citizenship and immigration (MCI). English as a second Language (ESL) is a component of this program. The program is provided to school boards by the ministry. The ESL classes provide general instruction in some or all of the four main language proficiency skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.   

Applicants are assessed and referred by the New Canadians Centre (NCC). Please contact NCC @ 705-743-0882 to book your appointment. For more information contact  Christine Fayek.  


Learner eligibility

A learner must be minimum 18 years old who lives in Ontario and is not enrolled in a day school and is in one of  the following groups: 

• Naturalized Canadian citizens

• Permanent residents

• Refugee claimants

• Convention refugees


Classes are available in Peterborough at PACE @ PCVS.  





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